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 Mud Buddy backwater motors are the biggest and baddest boys on the water,  Whether you are just looking for a small hp model to push just a couple guys and gear or a muck-eating monster such as Mud Buddy's 4400 Black Death motor to haul a serious load.  You looking for a reverse model?... Mud Buddy has got ya covered there,too.. With their powder coated frames, full bearing drive and unparalled attention to detail, it's no wonder that Mud Buddy leads the pack.  The Mud Buddy Big Blade prop and Hammer prop are both tops in the mud motor industry as well.  They both, but especially The Hammer,  deliver launching holeshots and top end performance that no other prop in the industry can match.  All motors also come with the Mercury 8500 lb marine trim unit which sits in a class all by itself.  So if you really want a mud motor that has it all and can stand up to abuse put to it by serious waterfowlers, guides and outfitters, look no further. Click on the Mud Buddy logo below to take you directly to the Mud Buddy site.  Have a look around for hp models, features and prices.  Then give me a shout back and and I'll help you decide on which model is best for your needs.  Lastly, if your engine needs warranty work, parts or you are looking to boost your engine's performance I am also an authorized Backwater Performance Systems dealer as well.

Mud Buddy Motors....Give your boat a whole new gear!