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GATOR TRAX ....'Cuz life's too short to paddle!


So you you wanna run with the big dogs, huh?  Well, when you step into a Gator Trax mudboat my best advice is for you to sit down, shut up and hold on cuz this is one hull that runs over everything.  All boats are made from 5086 aluminum; the strongest, yet still pliable enough to shape into the baddest muboat in the market, that can be used.  Buyers can choose from .125 (1/4") and .190 ( 3/16") thickness.  Gator Trax builds all of their mud boats with rounded chines.  This enables you to manuever as if you are on rails and slide up and over downed timber/obstructions with ease.If you are in deep enough water for your chines to roll into you cannot make this hull slide...Period!  Gator Trax is also the ONLY mudboat manufacturer on the market that allow you to FULLY CUSTOMIZE your boat to tailor fit YOUR needs.  With a list of options 10 pages long, Gator Trax knows what boaters' wants and needs are.  They offer boats ranging from 15 to 20 ft long and bottom widths ranging from  38" to 72".  A full range of accessories to compliment your hull are available as well.  Gator Trax now offers all-welded aluminum trailers with 3400 lb axles, LED lights and Glide-on bunk boards as well.  So whether you are looking for a tiller setup, stick steer or side/center console configuration, Gator Trax has you covered.  Click on the Gator Trax logo below to take you to the website of the best mudboat on the market.  Look around and call me back with any questions.  Then we'll sit down and put the pencil to the paper and design a layout best suited for YOUR needs.  Whether you are looking to chase reds in the skinny water back coves of the coastal marsh, run the gauntlet of riverway obstruction laden waters or timber laden backwaters of a reservoir to get to them greenheads, a Gator Trax is sure to get the job done!